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New Landscapes

The leaflet Greenways – Green Paths Through New Landscapes, published by the Architektenkammer Saxony-Anhalt in 2005, is a supplement of the project “Garden Dreams,” which aims at introducing the historic parks and gardens in Saxony-Anhalt to a larger public.

Saxony-Anhalt’s landscape has fundamentally changed in appearance. Whole regions, once characterised by industry or military use or by open-cast mining, were redeveloped and enhanced over the last few years. They are on the way to becoming places of relaxation and recreation. In a unique way, history is reflected and can thus be relived. Streets and squares in the cities were adapted to today's requirements. They lend a new vibrancy and acceptance to these urban areas. A new landscape architecture using modern design approaches is a logical extension of the preservation of historical gardens.

Following Information discribes selective projects:
(Published for the German Federal Garden Show in Munich 2005, in German available only)
Blankenburg Fasanengarten [PDF]
Braunsbedra Bergbaufolgelandschaft Geiseltal [PDF]
Egeln Innenstadtsanierung [PDF]
Elbingerode Naturbadestelle [PDF]
Freyburg Markt [PDF]
Gräfenhainichen Ferropolis "Stadt aus Eisen" [PDF]
Haldensleben Marienkirchplatz [PDF]
Halle (Saale) Promenade Hansering [PDF]
Halle (Saale) Wirtschafts- und Innovationspark Heide Süd [PDF]
Halle (Saale) "Thüringer Bahnhof" [PDF]
Halle Universitätsplatz [PDF]
Köthen Altenpflegeheim "Am Lutzepark" [PDF]
Magdeburg Kleingartenanlage "Cracauer Anger" [PDF]
Magdeburg Elbauenpark [PDF]
Magdeburg Seniorenzentrum "Heideweg" [PDF]
Pouch Agora [PDF]
Sangerhausen Innenstadtsanierung [PDF]
Schadeleben Seepromenade "Concordia See" [PDF]
Schönebeck (Elbe) Elbuferpromenade - Salzblumenplatz [PDF]
Wolfen Filmbad Nordpark [PDF]
Zeitz Landesgartenschau 2004 [PDF]
Zeitz Vorderer Schlosshof Moritzburg [PDF]

Sources: u.a. New Architectur in Saxony-Anhalt
Editors: Ines Linder, Petra Heise, Nadine Nocken
Pictures: Lohrer, Heise, Nocken, Pelz, Adam, LohausCarl, Brücke e.V., Braun

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