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Neue Architektur

This documentation is based on the book New Architecture in Saxony-Anhalt, published by Michael Imhof Verlag and revised in 2008.
The documentation is a unique collection of contemporary architecture in Saxony-Anhalt: carefully restored buildings, supplemented in their historic context with high-quality new constructions and remodelled landscapes. The rehabilitation of the cities in Saxony-Anhalt is anything but complete; however, it is time to take stock and formulate the tasks of tomorrow. The objects which won Saxony-Anhalt Architecture Prizes are at the centre of this documentation. The prizes, awarded at an interval of three years, mirror Saxony-Anhalt’s development from the early ‘90s boom phase to the careful urban development targeting sustainability in the face of shrinking cities. We have included buildings and redeveloped open areas that represent the multitude of aspects in shaping modern living spaces in a land rich in tradition. The presentation was revised in 2009. A total of 108 objects in 40 locations allow an insight into the architectural quality and diversity which has emerged in the region over the years.

Further reading:
Neue Architektur in Sachsen-Anhalt
Edited by: Architektenkammer Sachsen Anhalt
ISBN 3-937251-30-8
Contributors: Ines Linder, Petra Heise, Andreas Eckerlin, Dorothee Gintars, Cornelia Heller

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