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Architecture Tourism | Memory

Playing Memory is a fun way of learning while playing.

In 2007 Architecture Memory for Saxony-Anhalt was introduced. It comprises 64 cards for 32 objects. Each card measures 20 x 20 cm. Now, Saxony-Anhalt’s architecture can be literally uncovered. The game takes you on an epoch-straddling journey from Stendal to Zeitz. Iconic and memorable objects make playing this game easy. The name and the location of each building and garden is marked on the card. Emphasis is placed on new architecture after 1990.

The large Memory game is ready to be used at school parties, exhibitions, and presentations, and can be loaned from the Architektenkammer Saxony-Anhalt.

All buildings are briefly described in a leaflet enclosed for the players. The game was introduced during the Landes-Bau-Ausstellung (Regional Construction Exhibition) in 2007. Visitors of the exhibition were delighted. The game is ideal for use during the project “Architecture in School.”

As in the traditional Memory game, Architecture Memory for Saxony-Anhalt uses 32 objects as well. The leaflet has a map of Saxony-Anhalt displaying all buildings and gardens featured in the game. It also has information on the creation of the game and playing instructions.

Edited by Architektenkammer Saxony-Anhalt
ISBN 978-3-86568-110-2



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