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Architectours Special | Aschersleben - From the outside to the inside

If the image is changing, our view changes too. Until today, Aschersleben was only known as a gray thoroughfare on the way from Halle (Saale) to Magdeburg, Dessau-Ro▀lau and the Harz, and seemed not to offer any reason to stop there and search for clues. However, if one by any chance went into the city center, they would find an intact vivid city in the Vorharz, blessed with a magical old part of town that is over 1255 years old and surrounded by 15 towers, inner and outer baileys as well as a complete preserved former city fortification system. One would discover pretty green city areas and a sparkling river, the Eine, flowing from the Harz. And one would find alleys and streets, which revive in the city with their buildings and Middle Age spirit as well as architecture with all styles from all times. more...

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