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Architectours Special | The Colourful Magdeburg

In the 1920s Magdeburg caused a stir with its start into the modern age as “Stadt des Neuen Bauwillens“ (“city of the New Building”). Here, modern estates were constructed that were comparable to estates that were build in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt a. M. at the same time and which are highly appreciated for their dimension and variety. The social democratic mayor Hermann Beims and the architect Bruno Taut were the masterminds of that movement. In 1921 Taut became councillor of the urban development committee. After being appointed as councillor, Taut based his activity on three pillars: the reorganisation of the municipal building department, the set-up of a master plan in terms of estates and the transformation of Magdeburg into a colourful town. Soon after his appointment Taut criticised the omnipresent grey colour of Magdeburg’s buildings“… the colour should give some character back to the buildings”. As a result of his criticism the title “The colourful Magdeburg” was awarded to the town; partly derisive, partly appreciative. Furthermore, Taut appealed to the private house owners to send in their proposals for useful colour concepts to the urban development committee. So, when the first results occurred, a phenomenon, the “Magdeburger Farbenstreit” (“the Magdeburg argument over colour”), began. more...

City of Magdeburg Projects:
Overview map displaying objects [PDF]
gardencity-colony Reform [PDF]
Hermann-Beims-colony [PDF]
colony Cracau [PDF]
Anger-colony [PDF]
Otto-Richter-Street [PDF]
Schneiders-garden [PDF]
Curie-colony [PDF]
state broadcast center of the central german broadcast [PDF]
Faculty of economic science [PDF]
Experimental factory [PDF]
further project recommendations [PDF]

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