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Architectours Special | Dessau - City of Bauhaus

Dessau is situated in the lovely surroundings of the Elbe and Mulde river floodplains. Today, it is the third biggest city in Saxony-Anhalt. Starting during the reign of Leopold III. in the 18th century, Dessau became one of the centres of the German enlightenment. His reform plans involved the landscape as well as education and culture. The city, characterized by the frank boldness of its architecture, displayed this humanistic spirit and made Dessau comparable to the classical Weimar. The garden realm of Wörlitz, designed by the sovereign himself together with Friedrich Wilhelm of Erdmannsdorff and Johann Friedrich Eyserbeck, was the first large scale scenery garden in continental Europe. The creators succeeded in harmonising garden formations, art, architecture and nature. more...

Bauhaus City Dessau Projects:
Overview map displaying [PDF]
Bauhaus building [PDF]
masters' houses [PDF]
grain house [PDF]
employment agency [PDF]
colony Dessau-Törten [PDF]
shopping building [PDF]
pergola houses [PDF]
steel house [PDF]
house Fieger [PDF]
campus of the anhalt university [PDF]
Federal Enviromental Agency [PDF]
further project recommendations [PDF]

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